Privacy Policy

This Notice is issued to you by and on behalf of WCT Holdings Berhad and its related companies* (hereinafter referred to as “WCT Group”) pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. In this notice “we”, “our” and “us” refer to any of the companies within the WCT Group.
Source and Description of Personal Data
We have collected and/or will be collecting personal data as disclosed by / collected from you which, depending on the purpose for which you disclosed the data, may include your personal details (e.g. name, date of birth, gender, race, NRIC / passport no., marital status), your contact information as well as your educational, professional, occupational, financial, familial details and/or any other information which you may provide to us. Some of your personal data may also have been obtained by us from public records, media publications and/or third parties legally authorized (at the time of disclosure) to disclose such Data. (Collectively referred to in this Notice as your “Data”)
Purpose and Disclosure
Your Data is being or will be processed for the purposes for which it was disclosed by you, such as to enable us to consider entering into a contract with you, to fulfil our contractual obligations to you and/or to offer or to deliver products and/or services to you. In addition, your Data is also being processed or will be processed to enable us to better administer our contractual relationship and/or to provide you with information on WCT Group, its activities, products and/or services and any other purposes relating hereto. (Collectively referred to in this Notice as the “Purposes”)
For the Purposes, your Data may be disclosed to another company within the WCT Group or to our agents, representatives, professional advisors and/or consultants, third party service and/or utility providers, contractors, suppliers and/or vendors as well as to relevant governmental, municipal and/or regulatory authorities and any other parties as may deem necessary by us to fulfil the Purposes as mentioned above.
Access, Correction, Inquiry and/or Complaint
You have the right to request for access to your Data and to request to update or correct the same. To request access or if you have any inquiries and/or complaints regarding your Data and/or the manner it is being processed , please contact Corporate Communication Manager at 03-78052266 or email us at Please note that you will be requested to provide information to verify your identity. It will also be helpful if you can provide the name of the WCT Group company which is (or which you believe is) processing your Data.
Consent and Choice
Save for Data necessary for the performance of contracts between us (for which you must provide the Data failing which you may be in breach of contract and/or we may not be able to contract with or fulfil our contractual obligation to you), you may choose whether or not to provide your Data and (if already provided) may choose whether or not to consent, or to withdraw or limit your consent for your Data to be collected and/or processed as above. If you do not consent or wish to withdraw or limit your consent for your Data to be collected and/or processed as above, please complete the Withdrawal Form here