Lot 20, 21 & 22, Level 2
ROMANTIKA HOME DECOR is a Malaysia-based home decoration company since year 1993 and started off in a big city, Johor Bahru. Our very first flagship store in Plaza Angsana is still standing strong until today catering to both local customers and foreign customers from Singapore as well. We started with Vintage English & Retro concept, and now to Contemporary style, Romantika Home Decor have expanded its product range aggresively. We steadily expanded because we understand and our ability to identify the customers' needs & demands. We believe in providing good quality merchandise at affordable prices enables everyone to create their own unique style of home decoration. Having everything under this one roof, we would like to provide our beloved customers good experience with Romantika. 
We now have 21 Romantika Home Decor branches in Malaysia. Romantika Home Decor strongly believe that offering a huge range of splendid & excellent quality products at a very reasonable, affordable price range is the key for the customers to realise that they can make their dream of creating a cozy, homely & delightful home environment come true.