Canning Heritage Express

Lot 30, Level CC
CANNING HERITAGE is the enhanced and amplified version of ‘Canning Dim Sum’, a HALAL-certified Chinese restaurant well-known among the people of Ipoh. It serves as a nod to the centuries-old history of dim sum culture there and to celebrate the diverse cultures of Malaysia. Its menu is an ode to the bountiful cuisines of Malaysia, reflected in CANNING HERITAGE’S seasonal signature dishes and the halal Cantonese-style dim sum which serves to exemplify our vision of sharing this heritage with all Malaysians.
CANNING HERITAGE features a wide variety of gourmet food; from an array of tasty Dim Sum like Siew Mai and Har Gao, to inspired plates such as Chilli Crab Bao, paired with Hong Kong-Style Roasted Chicken, Char Siew Chicken, and Noodles. Customers can also complete their experience with high-quality Chinese tea and flavored tea, immersing themselves in the Chinese cultural way of dining and the natural art of tea and food pairing.