An Viet

03-7661 2844 Lot 02-03A, Level LG

Satisfy your Vietnamese food craving at Ăn Viet, a casual dining restaurant committed to serving authentic, mouth-watering Vietnamese cuisine.

Ăn Viet’s menu is carefully selected to feature best loved dishes from the Northern, Central and Southern parts of Vietnam. In addition to typical favourites such as Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Bo), Vietnamese Baguette (Banh Mi), Fresh Spring Rolls with Tiger Prawn (Goi Cuon) and Vietnamese Drip Coffee (Ca Phe), we also serve more unique specialties such as Grilled Rice Paper Pancake with Minced Pork (Banh Trang Nuong), Hanoian Grilled pork with vermicelli (Bun Cha) and Hanoian Style Fish with Turmeric and Dill with Vermicelli (Cha Ca La Vong).