Nine Dragon Cafe

Lot 21, Level 2
“Nine Dragon char chan teng " is a small shop hidden in the bustling streets of Malaysia, emanating a strong Hong Kong vibe. 
Founded by a couple passionate about food, it combines Hong Kong flavors with local Malaysian tastes to offer delicious stir-fried dishes. 
The owner, a renowned figure in the culinary world, has won numerous awards for his expertise and love for food. His wife, who lived in Macau, brings a deep understanding and passion for Hong Kong cuisine to the char chan teng , adding a unique charm. 
Established in 2017, the char chan teng has built a good reputation in Malaysia's food industry over its seven-year history. They offer a diverse menu of Hong Kong-style stir-fries at affordable prices, making authentic Hong Kong cuisine accessible to more people. Signature dishes include clap pot milk tea and aromatic coffee, reminiscent of Hong Kong's culture. 
The future plan is to spread this taste of Hong Kong across Malaysia, allowing more people to experience traditional and innovative Hong Kong cuisine. 
Each visit to the ice room is a culinary journey and a quest for Hong Kong memories, attracting both tourists and loyal customers alike with its unique charm and flavors.