Lot GF08, Level G

Introducing Cocolicious, where we bring you the vibrant flavors of the tropics in our range of refreshing and healthy drinks and desserts. Our brand story is rooted in the cherished memories of our founders, who grew up savoring the pure delight of freshly plucked coconuts with their loved ones in their hometown. We believe many Malaysians share this fondness for coconut water as a respite from the sweltering heat and appreciate its health benefits. At Cocolicious, we proudly present a collection of authentic coconut beverages and desserts that capture the essence of those nostalgic moments. Our focus is on providing thirst-quenching, no-frills options crafted from the freshest local coconuts. By infusing a touch of chic nostalgia into our offerings, we aim to inspire you to embrace healthier choices, even in the simplest ways. Say goodbye to sugar-laden drinks and embrace nature's energy drink – naturally sweetened coconut water.