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Slogan: Our Clothes Yours Stye Belle are target office ladies and business women which from 20 to 50.

Material and Colours: With Belle global sourcing and purchasing abilities, we can offer our customers a vast arrray of quality material from Japan, which can produce more high quality and different colour or even printing design at affordable prices. Belle knows that full figure women want comfortable, attractive clothing at price they afford.

*Career Wear: Profesional clothing to make you feel comfortable, confident and success. *Weekend clothing: Have fun with Belle collection of women trendy clothing for vacation, weekends or any time. *Accessories and Bag: Add that litter something extra to your look with accessories. different colour and designs bag to match all the garments. Each price is designed with your comfort in mind.

Outlook and Mission Active, confident and fashionable is Belle. Belle offers a broad variety of fashion product and service to make life beautiful for customer throughout the region. All our fashion garment and accessories not only can let customer to represent themselves as successful career women but also can gain their self confident. In conclusion, everything that Belle does is aimed at making its customers live more beautiful. For future planning, we hope that Belle will place at different shopping mall that convenient for the customer to have us.