Tomei Merry & Royal

Available Now Lot 21, Level CC

(1) The Golden Heirloom Series

This Christmas, make her feel as majestic and royal as a queen.

The Golden Heirloom collection from Tomei, the perfect gift for the queen of your heart without whom your life would be colourless. She reigns over your heart and loving her is your purpose in life.


(2) Crown Jewel Series


This Christmas, evoke her serene elegance and royalty glamour.


Every woman has a great love for fairy tales full of romance, magic and adventures. These fairy tales can now be turned into the Crown Jewel Series from Tomei, a living proof that dreams can come true. 


(3) Crown Jewel Series (Lifestyle)


This Christmas, celebrate reminiscences and memories that you both cherish forever.
The Crown Jewel Series diamond ring from Tomei is perfect for your once upon a time love story and serves as your ultimate token of happily-ever-after. This life is the story you have always wanted to tell, she is the only love poem you know how to write.