Fun DIY Xiao Long Bao Kit

Available Lot 15, Level 1

"Heeeeeeeeelllllllllllpppppppp!!! I cannot TAHAN anymore!!!!"

Feeling bored while staying at home? Looking for something fun to do with your kids and family during this FMCO? Paradise Dynasty newly launching "Fun DIY Xiao Long Bao Kit" and it will definitely light up your day!

Fun DIY Xiao Long Bao Kit including:

✅Bamboo steamer basket*1 set, steamer liner*2 pcs, original pork filling*200g, disposable hand gloves and eight different colors skin wrapper*16 pcs (2 pcs for each color)

✅Limited to 200 sets only. Exclusively available at Paradise Dynasty Delivery/Takeaway E-shop, or walk-in order:

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